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Over the past years of the Church's existence, different people of different tribes, colour, have come in and been part of the leadership.

Pastor Barbara Tipett, who is the founder, provided oversight of the ministry from its inception up to April 1995 when she sensed a call to move on with her calling. At the time Rev Barbara left for USA, Mr Felix Sakyi and Mr Kamuzu Chibambo ably led the church until 1997 when Reverend Jim Lapka from Canada took over as Senior Pastor of the church.

Rev Lapka served the Ministry up to March 2002 when he felt the need to move on. From April 2002 Pastor Zacc Kawalala started giving the church an oversigt, when it was still bearing the name Blantyre Christian Centre. It was at this time that the vision to go beyond Blantyre with the gospel started coming to pass. Since the revisiting of the vision, the ministry has also changed its governance structure to fit the current direction.

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Currently the ministry has an Executive Council as the highest governing board and under the council are Senior and Pastoral staff.

1. Executive Council

As already explained, this is the highest governing board of Word Alive Ministries International. In other words, it is a steering body of the whole ministry. The Executive Council consists of the following:


Pastor Zacc Kawalala - General Overseer/Senior Pastor
Pastor Patrick Semphere - General Secreatary
Mr Edward Namboya - General Treasurer
Pastor Hanna Mijoya - Director, Finance and Admnistration
Mrs Phoebe Nyasulu - Director, Word Alive Commission for Relief and Development(WACRAD)
Pastor James Chirwa - Resident Pastor,Lilongwe Assembly
Mr Francis Mijoya - Elder,Blantyre Assembly
Mr Mervin Donga - Elder,Lilongwe Assembly
Mrs Rosemary Kanyuka - Elder,Lilongwe Assembly

2. Senior Staff

At Word Alive the Senior Management plays a vital role in ensuring that all the operations of the church are running and the affairs of all the staff are well met. The following are members of the Senior Management:

Pastor Zacc Kawalala - General Overseer/Senior Pastor
Pastor Mapunda Ngwira - Resident Pastor, Blantyre Assembly
Pastor James Chirwa - Resident Pastor,Lilongwe Assembly
Mrs Phoebe Nyasulu - Director, WACRAD
Pastor Hanna Mijoya - Director,Finance and Administration
Mrs Patricia Semphere - Associate Program Manager
Pastor Noel Malemia - Admnistration Officer

3. Pastoral Staff




Pastoral staff has a very big role in as far as the leadership of the flock is concerned. Since Pastors are the men whom God has annointed and raised in our midst for his divine work, they are therefore the reason we exist. The following are the Pastors of Word Alive Ministries International:

Pastor Zacc Kawalala - General Overseer/Senior Pastor
Pastor Mapunda Ngwira - Resident Pastor, Blantyre Assembly
Pastor James Chirwa - Resident Pastor, Lilongwe Assembly
Pastor Martin Sichinga - Resident Pastor, Ndirande Assembly
Pastor Richard Makungwa - Resident Pastor, Zomba Assembly
Pastor Patrick Semphere - Lilongwe Assembly
Pastor George Kukhala - Blantyre Assembly
Pastor Sam Chikankheni - Blantyre Assembly


We however thank God for the leadership that sees beyond the horizons, the leadership that still put the vision in black and white and lead the whole family of Word Alive Ministries to run, with it as proclaimed by Habbakuk 2:2


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